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Main Features

  • Cup of Coffee in your hand, some cash in bank, thinking of future investment
  • Cannot find the right investment?
  • So much information out there that is driving you dizzy?
  • Here is the short cut, to the point, no bull analysis for you to get started

My Recommendations

  • I look at features like :
  • Low Maintenance Fees or in freeholds low up keeping fees
  • Location that will have appreciation written all over it now and in future
  • Potential for Tenant Occupying the property if the buyer moves out some point in time
  • Is transit nearby? Groceries? Schools? Colleges?
  • Finally, Will I buy this property myself?
  • I consider every client myself ! So if Imran Khan can buy it my clients should buy it!


  • No one can predict
  • But I do my best to create a model so Clients can be fully satisfied as to..
  • My research about current listings for sale, past sold data is all for you to use

If you leave

  • I have excellent property management contacts that will take care of your property
  • Rates start as low as $975 per year!
  • So put your heels up and relax: Someone is depositing checks in your account!

Major Areas to watch for

  • Canary District next to Distillery & Corktown ( I was walking there a few days back and realize that this is the next big thing that will hit Toronto : Clean, Smart, Access points webbed everywhere – So guys watch for East of Yonge! )

Future Growth

  • I am fully confident in Toronto that it will be an excellent city a model city in the world
  • Our Politics is honest, Our Law Enforcement works with their heart & minds, our economy is real
  • Toronto will go the long way to be and it is , the best city of the World – Safe Invest City!

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    November 21, 2019