King/Queen West

King/Queen West

Main Features:

  • Most Trendy and Fashionable area of Downtown Toronto
  • Boundaries  – North: Queen Street  to South King Street – East: University to West: Dufferin
  • Sky is the limit when it comes to price appreciation in this block of city!


  • Theatres, Park, Restaurants, Clubs, Specialty Shoppes, OutDoor Mall dot the area very well!
  • Headquarters of CP 24 and hence all the music festivals happen there!
  • Fuses into Entertainment District at Richmond and Spadina upto John Street but remains distinct

Amenities / Transportation:

  • TTC is the backbone of King/Queen West With Continuous Service
  • TTC runs : To East (Andrew Subway Station Underground) from West Where King Meets Queen via Street Car
  • DVP via Lakeshore from Spadina /Bathurst / York Street Connections
  • QEW via Gardiner from Spadina / Bathurst or York Street or Strachan Avenue

Major Condos:

  • DNA 3 to be built in 2014
  • Charlotte Street Condos
  • M5V Condos on King West
  • Festival Towers on John and King
  • Peter Street Condos
  • King Blue Condos
  • Pinnacle 1 Yonge
  • 188 Spadina Condos

Future Growth:

  • Like I mentioned sky is the limit!
  • With DNA 3 Coming at King/Bathurst this area is going to see massive growth in coming years!
  • New GO Stop on Strachan/King Street will give the much needed connection to Pearson and
  • Once more growth location and right mix of young professionals is a great mixture for appreciation!


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    August 20, 2019